Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams

Wellness and preventative care are the most important aspects of your pet’s ongoing health, happiness, and longevity. Advanced Mobile Pet Care brings comprehensive wellness and preventative care to you. With the convenience of our mobile pet clinic, accessing wellness care for your pets has never been easier or more convenient.

What Happens During a Pet's Wellness Exam?

During a pet’s wellness appointment, we establish a baseline of your pet’s health, which helps us later identify unusual changes that could indicate a medical problem.
We will first weigh your pet and record vital signs. Dr. Stryker will also perform a complete, whiskers-to-tail physical examination. Depending on your pet’s age and condition, we might recommend diagnostic lab tests to screen for early signs of disease. We’ll also address preventative care with vaccinations, nutritional counseling, and parasite preventatives during your pet’s wellness exam.
Plus, wellness exams give you the opportunity to ask our veterinarian any questions you might have about your pet’s care.

Why Are Veterinary Wellness Appointments So Important?

1. Preventative Care

During regular wellness exams, Dr. Stryker makes sure your pet has all the preventative care treatments available (such as vaccines and parasite preventatives) to make sure your cat or dog avoids contracting preventable diseases and other health problems.

2. Early Detection and Diagnosis

Pets often don’t exhibit noticeable signs or symptoms of illness until a disease has progressed to a more advanced (and more difficult to treat) stage. Regular wellness exams enable our veterinarian to detect and diagnose early signs of illness, so we can begin treatments before your pet’s health is significantly affected.

3. Cost Savings

The monetary and physical cost of preventative veterinary care is always less expensive than the cost of treating an advanced problem. For example, it’s easier and cheaper to prevent parasites than to try to control and exterminate them. It’s also less painful and less expensive to prevent contagious diseases with vaccinations than it is to try to treat them after a pet gets sick.

How Often Do Pets Need a Veterinary Appointment?

We recommend that healthy adult cats and dogs have at least one exam per year. Puppies, kittens, older pets, and pets with chronic health conditions might require more frequent appointments for vaccinations, treatments, and health screening.

Exceptional Wellness Care with Our Mobile Veterinarian in Orange County

If your Orange County pet is due for a wellness exam, we welcome to you schedule an appointment with Advanced Mobile Pet Care. We’ll bring our clinic and our exceptional wellness and preventative pet care right to your doorstep!