Veterinary Surgery

At Advanced Mobile Vet Care, we strive to provide our Orange County patients with exceptional care from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. In addition to bringing comprehensive wellness and preventative veterinary services and emergency care to your doorstep, we can also perform surgery on-site. Our mobile surgical suite is fully equipped to handle a range of surgical procedures.  During your pet’s procedure, we’ll monitor their vital signs using state-of-the-art surgical monitoring equipment. We can be there for pre-operative to post-operative care and everything in between.

Mobile Veterinary Surgery Services in Orange County

We’ve outfitted our mobile clinic to accommodate numerous surgical procedures, including:

Emergency Pet Surgery

Dr. Stryker has a specialized background in veterinary emergencies and emergency surgery. She’s highly experienced and well-trained to handle emergency situations. Our mobile surgical suite is designed to accommodate most pet emergencies and to help stabilize and treat your pet.   

What to Expect When a Pet Needs Surgery

Pre-Operative Care

We’ll perform a thorough physical examination and possibly recommend pre-anesthetic blood work depending on your pets age and any underlying conditions. We want to rule out any obvious contraindications to anesthesia or surgery for your pet.  Dr. Stryker will also provide you with pre-operative care instructions to prepare your pet for surgery. This might include medications to administer and details about restricting food and water. 

Surgical Care

To minimize stress and recovery, Dr. Stryker always recommends the least-invasive treatment possible. During your pet’s procedure, we’ll monitor their vital signs using state-of-the-art surgical monitoring equipment. 

Post-Operative Care

After surgery, we’ll monitor your pet and provide you with post-operative instructions for administering medications, restricting activity, caring for your pet’s incision site, and scheduling follow-up appointments, if necessary. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Mobile Veterinarian in Orange County

If your pet needs immediate care or if he/she is in need of surgery or a wellness exam, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stryker at Advanced Mobile Vet Care in Orange County. We’ll bring our mobile clinic and comprehensive veterinary care to you, eliminating the stress of taking your pet to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital. To learn more about our veterinary practice or to schedule your pet’s appointment, contact us today.