How to Tell if It’s Too Hot Outside for Your Pet

How to Tell if It’s Too Hot Outside for Your Pet

Summer has almost officially arrived. While it’s fun to get some sunshine with your dog, it’s also important to remember that what’s too hot for them might not be the same as what’s too hot for you, and exposing them to hot temperatures, sunshine, and pavement could put them at risk of heatstroke and burns.

When is it Too Hot for Your Pet?

Unlike humans who can sweat, dogs are only able to cool down by panting, and this means that they can overheat much more quickly. That being said, there’s no set temperature that is considered too hot for dogs because several factors actually affect what’s too hot for a dog.


The humidity makes it more difficult for dogs to cool themselves by panting. Even if it’s relatively cool outside, high humidity could make it too warm for a dog.

Access to Shade and Water

Shade and access to cool water will help a dog stay cool on a warm day.

Breed and Size

Generally, the larger the dog, the more difficult it is for them to cool down. However, some smaller, brachycephalic (shorter snouts) breeds have an even more difficult time staying cool because their shorter, squished noses make painting less efficient.
Additionally, breeds that originated in cooler climates like huskies, malamutes, and Samoyeds usually overheat more quickly and cannot tolerate the same high temperatures as other large breeds.


Extra weight also factors into a dog’s ability to keep cool. A svelte dog will cool down more quickly, while one that’s carrying around a few extra pounds is more prone to heatstroke.


Puppies younger than six months and senior dogs will also overheat more quickly.

Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

On warm days, provide your dog with plenty of water, shade, and a wading pool. Plus, learn the signs of heatstroke which include:
Despite your efforts to keep your pets cool in the summer, heatstroke can still happen. If a dog or cat suffers heat stroke, this is an emergency, and you should seek veterinary care immediately.

Emergency Veterinary Care in Orange County

Our veterinarian at Advanced Mobile Veterinary Care in Orange County is available for most hours of the day for emergency pet care. If your pet is showing signs of heatstroke, take steps right away to cool them down gradually and contact our veterinary staff and we will do our best to bring our emergency veterinary services to you. If after hours contact us or your local 24-hour emergency hospital.