Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Just because a pet is aging doesn’t mean that they’re going to become sick or experience diminished energy. Older dogs and cats still have that puppy or kitten spirit inside. To keep them happy, healthy, and active, we recommend adjusting pets’ routine veterinary care once they enter their golden years. This ensures they receive the proper nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to accommodate their changing health needs. Plus, it enables the early detection of age-related diseases and the ongoing management of chronic conditions.

How Is Senior Pet Care Different?

As veterinary professionals, we adjust the care pets receive throughout their lives. In the same way that puppies and kittens require different care than adult pets, senior pets also benefit from specialized wellness and preventative regimens.
Firstly, we strongly recommend that senior pets have at least two checkups per year. More frequent wellness exams help us detect the earliest signs of age-related disease in pets such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. With early diagnosis, we’re able to begin treatment immediately. As a result, the progression of disease is slowed, symptoms are minimized, and patients experience more positive treatment outcomes.
Another regular component of senior pet care are regular diagnostic health screenings. During your pet’s checkup, we’ll likely recommend running a few diagnostic tests such as a complete blood panel and/or a urinalysis. These tests can help us evaluate your pet’s organ function and detect the first signs of infections and systemic disease.
In addition, senior pets’ everyday needs change as they age. Our veterinarian might talk with you about your pet’s diet, medications, nutritional supplements, and home environment to ensure they have everything they need to age comfortably and gracefully.

The Added Benefits of Mobile Care for Senior Pets

Not only do senior pets require more frequent visits to the veterinarian, but they also often experience more mobility trouble, chronic pain, and generalized anxiety than their younger counterparts. As a result, transporting them to the veterinarian can be quite problematic. With Advanced Mobile Vet Care there’s no reason to stress over your pet’s veterinary care because we can bring everything they need right to your doorstep.
With at-home veterinary care in Orange County, our patients and clients enjoy the ease and convenience of carrying out checkups, health screenings, preventative care, diagnostic appointments, and urgent care with our mobile veterinarian. Getting your senior pet the regular care they need has never been easier! To schedule an appointment for your aging pet, we welcome you to contact Advanced Mobile Vet Care today via phone or our appointment request option on the home page of the website.