In-House Pharmacy

In-House Pharmacy

As a mobile veterinary clinic, we strive to make your pet’s ongoing veterinary care, pain management, and chronic disease management as convenient as possible by bringing all of our essential services to your doorstep. In addition to offering wellness care, routine surgeries, and after-hours emergency care, we also provide our Orange County clients with a complete in-house mobile pet pharmacy. Our veterinarian doesn’t just write prescriptions; she fills them, too!

High-Quality Pet Meds and Health Supplies in One Convenient Location – Your Doorstep!

Pet Medications

We offer a variety of pet medications intended to treat the types of conditions we diagnose in pets including pain medications, antibiotics, allergy treatments, endocrine management medications, and more.

Nutritional Supplements

Dietary strategies that use nutritional supplements are a great way to encourage optimal health in pets and manage chronic pain and conditions. We stock a supply of high-quality nutritional supplements specially formulated for pets.

Medical Devices and Supplies

We also carry a large stock of veterinary equipment and tools including thermometers, ointments, eye drops, pill cutters and crushers, syringes, and pill pocket treats.

Prescription Pet Food

We maintain a fresh supply of prescription pet foods specially formulated to help pets manage a variety of health problems.

Why Choose Advanced Mobile Vet Care's In-House Pharmacy?

When you choose the in-house pharmacy at Advanced Mobile Vet Care, you can always expect to receive high-quality medications from trusted manufacturers that have been properly stored. Plus, you’ll always receive top-notch service because we’re personally invested in each of our patient’s outcomes and truly strive to provide our patients with the best veterinary care possible.
When you take your pet’s prescription to another pet med pharmacy, not only do you have to make a second stop, but you also don’t always know what you’re receiving or if the prescription is actually filled accurately. When our veterinarian writes a prescription, we can fill it at the same time, ensuring you receive the right medications and doses for your pet with accurate instructions for administration. Before completing your appointment, our veterinarian will make sure you’re completely comfortable giving the medication to your pet. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the medication administration tools, such as pill pocket treats or syringes, you need.
If your pet’s medications are due for a refill before your pet’s next scheduled appointment, simply contact us and we’ll make sure your pet has the medications they need. To learn more about Advanced Mobile Vet Care’s mobile pet pharmacy in Orange County or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact us today!