In-House Diagnostics

In-House Diagnostics

Since many illnesses result in similar symptoms, it’s often difficult to understand exactly what’s causing a pet’s illness with just a physical examination. When a pet is ill or injured, access to diagnostic testing is essential to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of illness or the extent of a pet’s injury.

At Advanced Mobile Vet Care, we’re proud to provide our patients safe and effective care with a suite of exceptional diagnostic services aboard our mobile veterinary clinic.

Diagnostic Services with Advanced Mobile Vet Care

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographs and ultrasounds allows our veterinarian to look inside your pet to evaluate the size, shape, placement, and function of internal organs. Radiographs and ultrasounds are useful for diagnosing a variety of medical conditions, evaluating injuries, and locating ingested foreign objects.

Laboratory Testing

We offer a range of in-house laboratory tests that include basic blood panels (blood counts and blood chemistry analysis), urinalysis, and fecal testing. These tests help us detect the signs of a range of diseases, evaluate organ function, and even look for signs of internal parasites.

Reference Laboratory

For more advanced testing, we work with a reputable reference laboratory. These results take a little longer than in-house testing, but they can sometimes be necessary for achieving an accurate diagnosis.

When Do Pets Need Diagnostic Tests?

We recommend diagnostic testing for pets when pets are sick or injured and, sometimes, when they seem perfectly healthy. Diagnostics not only help us determine the exact underlying cause of a pet’s illness or the extent of an injury, but these tests also help us detect the earliest signs of disease. With diagnostic health screenings, we can help arrest and slow the progression of chronic diseases before they have a chance to make your pet outwardly ill.

Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics in Orange County

Whether you’ve contacted us for urgent care or your pet’s simply undergoing a routine health screening, our in-house diagnostics enhance our veterinarian’s ability to provide safe and effective treatments. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact Advanced Mobile Veterinary Care to schedule an appointment.