Chronic Disease & Pain Management

Chronic Disease & Pain Management

While some health problems in pets can be prevented with vaccinations or treated and quickly resolved, others aren’t as easily overcome and might even persist throughout a pet’s life. These types of health problems in cats and dogs are called chronic conditions.
Although chronic diseases aren’t always 100% treatable, they can be managed with regular veterinary care designed to reduce pain, mitigate other symptoms, and slow the progression of the disease. If your cat or dog is diagnosed with a chronic condition, your pet can still live a full and comfortable life with the right care from Advanced Mobile Vet Care.

Common Chronic Diseases in Cats and Dogs

A long list of chronic conditions can afflict cats and dogs including:

Screening, Diagnosing, Monitoring, and Managing Chronic Diseases in Pets

Our mobile veterinary clinic is fully equipped to diagnose, monitor, and manage a variety of chronic diseases in both cats and dogs.

Health Screening and Diagnostics

With regular health screenings and wellness exams, we’re often able to detect and diagnose chronic diseases before they’ve progressed far enough to express themselves with noticeable symptoms or discomfort in pets. This early detection is key to successfully treating and slowing chronic diseases.
We screen pets for chronic disease as puppies and kittens and begin regularly testing for early signs of chronic disease once pets become seniors. We also might recommend a selection of diagnostic tests during a sick pet’s appointment, as the results will help our veterinarian pinpoint the underlying cause of your pet’s illness.

Chronic Disease Management and Patient Monitoring

Based on your pet’s diagnosis and condition, our veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan designed to address your pet’s specific condition, pain, and other symptoms. Once a pet is diagnosed with a chronic condition, we use regular diagnostic testing and ongoing observation to monitor the pet’s condition. We’ll adjust their medication and treatment plans accordingly.

Minimize Stress on Your Pet with At-Home Veterinary Appointments in Orange County

Pets that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease typically require more frequent veterinary checkups. Leaving the house and visiting a veterinary clinic, however, can be quite stressful for pets. With Advanced Mobile Vet Care, cats and dogs in Orange County benefit from the ease and convenience of stress-free at-home veterinary appointments. Our mobile clinic is fully equipped with in-house diagnostic testing and a full-service pet pharmacy designed to meet the needs of our veterinary patients with chronic disease.
To learn more about ongoing chronic disease and pain management we welcome you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with our veterinarian.