Urgent Care & Sick Pet Visits

Urgent Care & Sick Pet Visits

Whether it’s an emergency situation or not, having a sick pet at home is plenty stressful without the trip to the veterinary clinic. So, why leave your house at all? 


With Advanced Mobile Vet Care’s house-call veterinary service, we are equipped to handle emergencies at your doorstep.  Our mobile clinic is fully equipped with an in-house diagnostic center, pharmacy, and surgical suite, and we’re prepared to stabilize and provide emergent care to your pet in their time of need. 


Does My Pet Need Emergency Veterinary Care?

Not every illness or injury is an emergency for pets, but some situations do require urgent care. We recommend seeking emergency veterinary treatment for your pet with the following signs:

If you’re uncertain whether your pet needs to be seen right away or if care can wait until regular business hours, we welcome you to contact Advanced Mobile Vet Care. Dr. Stryker and her team can help you assess your pet’s condition over the phone and provide you with instructions to take care of your pet until we arrive.

When Care Can Wait, Schedule an Appointment for Your Sick Pet

Pets naturally try to mask signs and symptoms of illness, which means pet owners need to pay close attention to their pets’ behavior and appearance to notice when they aren’t feeling well. 


Some signs and symptoms that indicate your pet needs to see a veterinarian in the near future include:

You know your pet best, and if you suspect that something isn’t quite right, we always recommend trusting your instincts. If you notice any of the above symptoms or any unusual changes to your pet’s behavior, appearance, energy level, or appetite, schedule a sick pet appointment right away. 

Urgent Care for Sick Pets in Orange County

At Advanced Mobile Vet Care, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time and pets can get sick during the evenings and weekends too! To take total care of our patients, we’re pleased to provide urgent care to sick and injured pets most times of the day and night. If you have an emergency or a sick pet after our normal business hours, feel free to call us and we can help. 

To learn more about sick pet appointments, emergency care, urgent care, or to schedule an exam for your under-the-weather pet, we welcome you to contact Advanced Mobile Vet Care today.